Cheryl Pinero is a London-based musician and songwriter. Her love for music led her to picking up her primary instrument, the bass guitar, at the age of 13. Cheryl's taste was broad; but she quickly found her playing being stylistically informed predominantly by indie and alternative rock music. 

In 2014, Pinero moved to London to formerly join alternative rock band The Microdance. She quickly made a home for herself in London's and set about learning bass and vocal parts from the debut album 'New Waves of Hope' - featuring vocals from The Smashing Pumpkins' Nicole Fiorentino. Her vocal renditions of Fiorentino's parts were so faithful to those on the recordings that when additional female vocal tracking was required for the album, the band chose to have her undertake these recordings. Her singing can be heard on six 'New Waves of Hope' songs. Upon the release of New Waves of Hope, Pinero was featured in Bass Guitar Magazine.

Cheryl later on joined Brighton's The Go! Team, a band that has gained significant international popularity and acclaim for their indie/hip hop/garage rock cross-over stylings and sophisticated pop sensibilities. The band toured throughout the UK, Europe, the United States, Japan and China for the release of album 'The Scene Between' - with large scale festival appearances included in the schedule. Pinero played every show for 'The Scene Between' tour. 

Pinero has featured as a touring bassist for numerous acts including LA-based Queen Kwong, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Carré Callaway, electronic pop artist Salt Ashes and the Irish singer-songwriter Tara Lee. Pinero has also recorded and performed with KT Tunstall.

In 2015, Cheryl formed alternative rock band The Ravens! with Jimmy Pallagrosi, Robbie Pinna and Giulia Poppy. The band released their self-titled debut EP in November 2016 and gigged around the UK, France and Italy.

In 2017 Cheryl formed the paralleled songwriting collaboration PINERO|SERENE together with alternative artist Neeq Serene. Their first single ‘Take My Soul was premiered in Clash Magazine and released on June 7th, 2019. The music video, directed by Favourite Colour: Black, was premiered in FGUK Magazine. The duo’s debut EP ‘Dark Matter’ was released on July 12th, 2019.

In 2018 Cheryl joined the London/Berlin-based alternative-indie band Friedberg, which is fronted by Austrian singer-songwriter Anna F. The band’s acclaimed debut single ‘Boom’ was released on February 8th, 2019 and has received national airplay in Germany, Austria and the UK, including BBC Radio 6 Music, FM4 and Eins Live. The band’s second single ‘Go Wild’ was premiered in Consequence of Sound on June 5th, 2019 and featured EA Sports FIFA20.

Outside of touring, Pinero's magnetic disposition and striking looks have seen her featured in the renowned video game Guitar Hero Live and in music videos including High Contrast ‘Shotgun Mouthwash’, Amy MacDonald ‘Woman of the World’ and KT Tunstall ‘Human Being’.


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